Your Appointment

What to bring:

1. Although a referral is not necessary to see a hand therapist, if you do have a referral please bring this in with you

2.  Any operation reports, investigations such as x rays, nerve conduction studies or other test results related to your hand condition 

3. Health insurance card, or Veterans card if applicable. If you have had a work injury, bring your WorkCover Claim Number. 

4. Payment for your consultation 


The Palms Hand Therapy comply with all WorkCover QLD, and WorkCover NSW requirements.   

Please bring your WorkCover claim number and company contact details to your initial appointment.  

Please Note: If you do not have a WorkCover claim number, you will be responsible for the treatment cost, and will need seek reimbursement from WorkCover.


The Palms Hand Therapy is a private practice.  

Payment is expected on the day of treatment. This will include the consult fee, as well as any additional materials that you may need e.g. dressings, splinting materials etc. 

An idea of costs are listed below: 

  • Initial consult fee: $110
  • Subsequent consult fee: $75
  • Long subsequent consult: $110   

Commonly used additional costs may include: 

  • Coban Tape: $5.50 per roll
  • Custom-Made Thermoplastic Splints
  • Finger Based: $17.60 
  • Hand Based: $50 - $60
  • Wrist Based $60- $100 
  • Forearm Based $110-$130 
  • Standard Dressing $17.60 
  • Waterproof Cast $70-$80

Bring your health fund card, as we have a HICAPS machine for immediate rebate from your health fund for your convenience. 

We are registered with health insurance funds under Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy for consultations, as well as for splints and casts. We are BUPA accredited hand therapists.